Friday, February 11, 2011


•  Those soda’s you get from fast food places with those plastic lids? I always pop in every single one of those bubbles.

•  When I walk around college or work (or anywhere really), half the time I don’t hear conversations. Sometimes when people are speaking to another person, I hear two lyrics, back and forth. And I’ll hum their words in my head.

•  I read in the bathroom. Magazine, book, shampoo bottle, toothpaste ingredients, whatever. No input, no output.

•  A woman’s laugh is very important to me. You can tell a lot from it.

•  I leave the conditioner in my hair twice as long as I leave in the shampoo.

•  I still jump on my bed.

•  Math is not hard for me. But I still hate it with the passionate fire of a thousand suns.

"And this is why Eve ignored Adam for so long."
•  I often wonder if Jesus was good at sex. They say he was a "perfect being" but he never had sex with anyone. Ever. So I wonder. I mean, how good could a virgin guy be? Females don’t have to worry too much about experience either way: They’re always good. You’re not going to hear of a guy avoiding sex with a woman because it’s "bad". Even if it’s bad, it’s still damn good. She can just lay there and he won't complain. Women are the ones who constantly need sex to get better, more exciting. Guys have a lot to deal with when pleasing a woman.

•  For a talent show on a cruise to Australia, I sang the theme song for Gilligan's Island.

•  And I won.

•  I still think Michael Jackson was one of the most talented people to have ever lived.

•  I hate it when you feel like sneezing and then you don’t.

•  Once in a while, if I’m in a wide open area like a parking lot, I’ll start skipping.

•  Sometimes I like to finish solitaire on the computer all the way up to the last King and leave the computer running overnight and then finish it the next morning; just to see how low of a score I can get.

•  I put the heart and diamond piles to the right and the club and spade piles to the left.

•  I loathe my singing voice.

•  The night is the only time I can write.

•  I like to see how long it takes me to make a complete fist right when I wake up.

•  I like to try to remember the exact position I was in when I woke up. But I never can.

•  I like to watch Sesame Street at least once a month.

•  I drink the last of the milk straight out of the bowl.

•  I’m a mutt. I am eight different nationalities.

•  For every friend I know I have at least 10 songs that remind me of them.

•  You can tell my mood by listening to the song I play on my guitar when I’m alone.

•  I bite my bottom lip when I’m frustrated.

•  Sometimes I cough lightly when I never really had to.

•  I sing better at night.

•  I have severe stage fright.

•  I like writing songs about painful issues with a pop melody you can dance to.

•  I loved the movie Labyrinth, and had a crush on Jennifer Connelly when I was little.

•  I’ll never have the courage to go up to a girl and introduce myself.

•  Death doesn’t scare me. But tomorrow does.

•  I believe in God but wish I understood anything he did.

•  I believe in love but wish I understood anything it did.

•  The only way to get into a pool is to jump in. I can't walk in.

•  I never, ever, ever try new foods. I’ve never had a bagel or a strawberry. Or a Dorito. Or a salad. Or a cheeseburger. Or chili. Or any sandwich besides a peanut butter and jelly. I could go on but this is sad enough as it is.

* I have a hard time using sexual terms in general conversation. I use clever hand gestures.

* I love the physical aspect of playing football and the athleticism of basketball.

* I hate fighting.

* I am 48-3 in fights in my life.

* I will never start a fight.

* Sometimes I wonder if, when I get to Heaven, if God will have a movie made and edited about my life and all it’s key moments.

* I can moonwalk.

•  I thoroughly enjoy Shakespeare.

•  I miss Mr. Rogers.

•  I bite my nails. When someone tells me to stop and that it’s a bad habit, I lie and tell them I’m doing it for my guitar.

•  Whenever I didn’t good grades in school, my dad would always give me a stern lecture and scolding. On top of that, he’d always compare me to Mr. Abraham Lincoln. "Neil," he said. "When Abraham Lincoln was your age, he was walking twelve miles just to get to his school!" In the back of my mind, I always thought: "Dad, when Abraham Lincoln was your age, he was President!"

•  I wore a sheet with holes in it on Halloween one year and told everyone that I wasn’t a ghost, but a mattress.

•  I only sing in the car if all the windows are up.

•  I can be stubborn.

•  Yes I can.

•  Yes I can.

•  Yes I can.

•  Oh, yes I can.

• I am a perfectionist.

•  I tend to make lists about unimportant things.


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Anonymous said...

I wouldn't call any of those unimportant.
(And yes, I'm sitting reading all of these because i didn't go to work. You're also very intriguing to read)