Saturday, May 5, 2012

Black Sheep.

June 17, 2005 

"Neil, could you go out and get us some dinner? We don't really have money to spend on anything except gas right now."

"Yeah, just gimme a sec. Where do you wanna go?"

"I don't know. McDonald's or whatever."


[5 minutes later, I'm walking out my front door towards my car. I see my dad staring at his truck.] 

"What's up, Dad? Somethin' wrong with the truck?"


"Need some help with anything?"

"No, just thinking." 

"Well I'm gettin' us dinner right now. Wanna come with?"

"I'm just thinking about you." 

[smiles] "What about me?"

"You're pretty much the failure in this family."

[stunned] ".....oh...kay."

"Neil, do you know where we're going tomorrow?" 

"Jesse's graduation party."

"Do you know how old she is?" 

"17. 18, maybe."

"That's right. And how old are you?" 

"23. And going to college."

"I don't know what to say about you when our family gets together. I mean Greg, I love talking about Greg. And I can go on about Lindsey. But you... I'm kind of embarassed." 

"I think I'll be something fuckin' amazing, dad."

[There's ten seconds of silence as my father gazes down the street.] 

"Your sister - that little one in there - will probably get her college diploma before you." 

[He looks at me, awaiting a response. I open my car door.] 

"...I'll be back with dinner. For everyone."

[Drives off.]

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