Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Movie Script Ending

This Is My Life, Rated
Life: 6.4
Mind: 7.2
Body: 9.4
Spirit: 7.7
Friends/Family: 1.7
Love: 0.8
Finance: 9.1
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I don't know why love is such a confusing emotion. The direction is pretty clear and the desitnation is always the same, so why does every journey towards it have to be some tragic adventure? Why is it such an incredibly huge factor while you're growing up? Do we attach impossible standards that reality to could never live up to? And why is it that as soon as we doubt everything we know about love, it always turns around and proves us wrong? When everything's at it's pinnacle, gravity is multiplied tenfold and it craters us into emotional oblivion. And the exact moment we find ourselves tired and exhausted from climbing out and we give up, like an angel, someone's soul floats down and lifts us back into the stars, and nothing in the universe is better. And we fall in love again.

 Are we suckers? Are we simply too gullible, foolish to hope that love is the most important variable in life? That it will conquer all? At what point do we give up in hopes that we'll be saved again? Or is it pompous to believe we're worth of being saved? Who you love is never the true question or answer. It's how you love. And what came of it. And extracting the wisdom from the experience instead of the detrimental. If you open yourself and allow yourself open to be crushed and resurrected by love itself, then you allow love itself to permeate through your very being. If you don't love someone with all of you, then who they are doesn't matter in the least. 

 Because, what's light worth if you've never been consumed by dark?


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