Sunday, April 22, 2012


Life is chock-full of lies, but the biggest lie is math. That's particualrly clear in the discipline of probablility, a field of study that's completely and wholly fake. When push comes to shove - when you truly get down to the core essence of existence - there is only one mathematical possibility: Everything is 50-50. Either something will happen, or something will not.

When you flip a coin, what are the odds of it coming up heads? 50-50. Either it will be heads, or it will not. When you roll a six-sided die, what are the odds that you'll get a three? 50-50. You'll either get, a three or you won't. That's reality. Don't fall into the childish "it's one-in-six" logical trap. That is precisely what all your adolecent authority figures want you to believe. That's how they enslave you. That's how they stole your conviction, and that's why you will never be happy. Either you will roll a three, or you will not; there are no other alternatives. The future has no memory. Certain things can be impossible, and certain things can be guaranteed-but there is no sliding scale forf maybe. Maybe something will happen, or maybe it won't. That's all there is. What are the chances that your sister will die from ovarion cancer next summer? 50-50 (either she'll die from ovarion cancer or she won't). What are the chances that your sister will become America's most respected underwater welding specialist? 50-50. It will happen, or it won't. There are two possibilities, and both are plausible and unknown. The odds are 2:1. These facts are irrefutable.

Quasi-intellectuals like to claim that math is spiritual. They are lying. Math is not religion. Math is the antireligion, because it splinters the gravity of life's only imperative equation: Either something is true, or it isn't. Do or do not; there is no try.

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