Saturday, March 31, 2012

A loaded-God complex

I like girls with wonderfully long hair. At least to her shoulder blades. But it's not a deal-breaker. And I dont care about the color. I like girls whose perfume smells marvelous. Scent is big thing. When I pass someone whose perfume smells like the same my first girlfriend, I still get taken back to thirteen years ago. And if it's something new, I'll always remember it. The perfume a girl wears gets ingrained into our minds, ladies. And we never forget.

I don't care if they're 5'2" or 5'11". I like girls who are trim or fit to some degree. They dont have to be skinny, per se, just not unhealthy. Chest size has never matters, per se, just a bonus. I guess nothing extreme, like GGG or something. To be honest, a woman's chest is far down the list of things I pay attention to, long after smile, eyes, hair, laugh, opinion, grammar, and a bunch of other things. Girls who can sing make me happy. Girls who admit they can't sing make me comfortable.

I adore eyes. I mean, I adore eyes. To the point where, if I dont like a girl's eyes and what I see in them, it ain't gonna happen. There's no specific shape or color or anything. But there needs to be that deep sparkle that hints at something stirring inside, looking back. I like girls who are shy but intelligently audacious.

And I'm an absolute sucker for the too-big-sweater look where the sleeves go past her hands and the collar slides over and shows her shoulder.

Oh, and apparently she has to be 100% completely unattainable, too.


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