Saturday, November 12, 2011

There's a weird bird in all of us.

Setting: Spring, 2004, my house. My 10-year old sister calls my name from the kitchen while I'm in my room cleaning my desk.

[from far away, a little girls' voice] "Neeeeeeeeeiiil!"


"Come here!!!!"

[I walk to the kitchen and over to the bay windows] What is it, Lindsey.

"Lookit. Those two birds are fighting."


"Right there. By the pool, on the slide."


"Why are they fighting like that?"

*blinks* Well...

[She looks up at me, awaiting an answer]

Well those doves are fighting in that particular way because they like each other.

[twists face] "Because they like each other!?"

Eeyeah. It's a good fight.

"They've been fighting forever just now. What happens when one wins?"

Well, they both kind in that fight.

[makes a face] "Birds are weird."

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Anonymous said...

why am i just now seeing this?! bahaha :D