Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hungry and hollow

The night van Gogh let go.
These... "plans" we have, they are never truly born. They're simply evolved from other failed plans, other scarring mistakes, other lessons that are still - and quite stubbornly - unlearned. So many people worry about the script and where they fit in it they become obsessed with how their movie is going to end. And that's fine. But a few very rare people have already seen the end of our movie. And that's okay with us. Because that some of us live in trilogies. Because for us, the end of the movie is really the beginning of the saga. Where the second part gets even darker. And the third one amplifies the triumph.

So the real wonderment is not what your ending is; It's asking yourself what you're going to do when all of your plans culminate in to one, colossal, life-altering proposition when its offered to you while fate's back is turned. Will you shrink into the corner of your life? Or will you take it and make as much noise as possible?

Well, the back way is always quieter.

But it's an exit all the same.


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