Monday, December 26, 2016

Idiocracy Personified

Trump now:

Obamacare: "Eh, not repeal. Just amend."
Investigating Hillary and locking her up:  "Nah, she's a good person."
"Draining the swamp": Appoints all politicians, lobbyists, and Wall Street leaders to his team.
The wall: "Maybe just a fence in some places."
Banning Muslims: "No, they're good people."
Deporting all illegal Mexicans: "Maybe just the criminals. The rest are good people."
Obama: "He's a great person and I'm honored to meet him."

And so, so much more.

You raging, insipid morons believed every one of his lies for over a year. But all right, that's fine; Chalk it up to general ignorance. But to keep defending him now - after he's gone back on every single promise he made to you - is just willing stupidity. Voluntary idiocy. He played on your anger for your vote, while the rest of us (the majority of voters) tried to warn you that it was a scam. And now he's not even trying to hide his lies - just shrugging and ignoring briefings and journalistic Constitutional rights while he fucking TWEETS, demanding apologies from people that didn't even do what he's accusing them of (Triple irony: He's the worst offender of his own accusations).

And now you say, "Just give him a chance"?

You mean after making fun of a disabled person on TV?
You mean after insulting the family of a fallen soldier?
You mean after saying John McCain doesn't deserve respect because he was taken prisoner during the war?
You mean after saying he could take a gun and shoot someone in the middle of New York and still get your vote?
You mean after telling gun owners to "do something" about Hillary?
Or do you mean after admitting to sexual crimes and bragging about "grabbing pussies"?
You mean after he's said he doesn't read books, just believes anything if it's on the internet, and claims he "has the best brain"?
After he looked at the cameras during a rally and asked Russia to step in and influence the election?
You mean after having to pay $25 million in settlements for lying to thousands about his fake college?
Or do you mean give him another chance after he said he would date his own daughter, that she has a "hot ass"?
Or after saying he thinks the thing he has most in common with his daughter is sex?
Or do you mean after he told two 14-year old girls he'll be "dating them in a few years"?
Or when he said a judge was unfit to make a decision because he of his Mexican heritage?
Or after he said that climate change is a hoax created by Chinese?
Or that women should be "punished" for having abortions?
Or do you mean give him another chance after he scolds people for not paying taxes as "un-American" but then calls himself a "genius" when we found out he hasn't paid taxes for decades?
Or that fucking hair.

I could easily go on and on.

Exactly how many chances would you like us to give him? Because he's not even President yet and we've already given him hundreds of chances for almost two years now. How many "chances" did you give Hillary or Bernie? Remember the outrage over "deplorables"? Go fuck yourselves. Your candidate told people to beat up protesters because it's what he did in "the good ol' days." This isn't about "chances".

It's about how you insist that you made the right choice, so you're going to stubbornly chain yourself to this Titanic-in-progress out of pure spite over a forward-moving culture that you desperately want to rein back because it makes you uncomfortable. And you are willing to sacrifice your own country in exchange for a human Molotov cocktail who promised you some delusional America that evolved for good reason - all just because you don't understand politics, choose to ignore facts and numbers that go against your personal ideological narrative, and refuse to grow the fuck up.

And that, everyone who asked, is why I unfriended you. And why I won't come over for holiday dinners. And my life is calmer and more intelligent for it.

I refuse to be associated with human beings who aren't intelligent enough to at least ideologically support the concept of common sense and decency.

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