Monday, November 17, 2014


hi. you have reached the voicemail of...

i punch the wall and wait for the tone.


...i just called to say, calling you will never be enough. im drunk at 3am and i still feel you. god, do i feel you. you are the cracks in my tired bones. the whiskey my marrow cant stand. my darling, dont you know, it was easy to love you more than i could ever love myself. now im sitting in this bedroom-turned-confessional, cold turkey since devouring the last drop of you. I just woke up, drenched in sweat from a dream that i was being buried alive, and you were shoveling the words, "i love you but im not ready for forever yet" onto my trembling body, and soiling the hopes that youll ever come back to me. i guess what im trying to say is...

beep. press 3 if youd like to delete this message and record a new one.



...i just hope youre happy.

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