Thursday, September 20, 2012

Acoustic Commiserations.

Intimacy is such a strange, scary thing.

There's always those moments when you kiss someone new where they feel alien. Standing up and kissing them... gently pressing lips to lips that aren't yours... new scents and sensations you've never pressed before. Her breath so dissimilar yet humid and fresh... nervous to go on. Her smaller body curving, molding into mine... so invigorating and terrifying. Her smaller and more slender fingers wrapped around my neck, and another hand along my arm... I would never get used to it.I would never grow tired of it. Each kiss is another lesson. Each kiss you learn something new about their rhythm, their pace, their preference of top or bottom; when to breathe and when to hold it in; the signals their jaw gives. And the absolute best and treasured of them all... the kiss that inexorably turns into a smile... the smile that you feel with your eyes closed. Feeling their lips tighten and hear that breathing grin.

Arms wrap around and pull you down on the floor with a giggle, never missing a heartfelt beat. The warmth of their skin, the way her hair behaves when she rolls around on the ground, as she tries to "win". Senses so untrained to each others movements... You strive for that one reaction you want to induce over and over again.

Love - in those very secret moments - is in its truest element; where is belongs. You are both meant. You are both meant to be there. You still have so much of each other to explore and the adventure is just getting started.... with a kiss.

I've never had that before.



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HKR said...

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