Tuesday, March 22, 2011


deep within this head of mine... hiding inside these fingers... hibernating with my heart... lie words and sounds with the power to affect everyone; an untapped faucet of power and compassion wanders lost in the days of my life.

there is so much more than this for me. my desires outweigh my grasp, my true meaning revolves beyond my reach. i get the feeling my hopes mocks me.

"getting by" never has been a plan of mine.

i prefer to thrive than survive; in career, in love, in friends, in status and in all aspects of life that involve change and purpose. what will awaken my true ability? a goal? a worthy motive? another person to love? to impress? to carry? perhaps failure itself?

those who have never met me believe me to be amazing.

those who have think differently.

how can they all be wrong?

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