Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fake Faith and Fate

A question that bothers me sometimes is when people ask me if I believe in fate. Yes, yes I do. But I don't think it always applies. It only exists when it's convenient and the event fits.

For instance. Say you're driving to school and you almost hit a man you know as he's walking in the crosswalk. A few minutes later down the road, you see a horrible accident in front of you. Had that man not stepped onto the road in front of you making you stop your car to a screeching halt and thereby stalling you a half dozen seconds, this current pile of twisted metal and smoke could be you.

Now say instead of seeing an accident you arrived at school safely, books in hand. That man's premature stride into the intersection becomes trivial and inconsequential; just a jerk who wasn't paying attention. Now let's go back to accident that you avoided by scant seconds. Was it the man that caused your existence to resume? Or was it you waking up just a little bit slower than normal after the alarm clock went off this morning? Or that you couldn't find your keys for a few extra seconds before you left? Or maybe you didn't do anything out of the ordinary at all. Maybe the person who got into the accident simply... beat you to it. Maybe they hit a then-lucky string of green lights. Maybe they were trying a shortcut that day. Maybe they were Asian. What would you attribute the "fate" to? Where exactly did it step in? Maybe it's fate that you're reading this. Perhaps. Depends on what led you here and what happens to you afterward, doesn't it? That is, if you even decide to add this entry into your equation. When fate occurs is a relative opinion; it's existence, however, is as tangible as faith and love and hope: It's as real as you want it to be.

Fate is a word we apply to trivial events to give them more meaning to the end result; A coincidence a person labels in order to instill value and wisdom to the moment.

This is what I think about when I eat Life cereal.


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